Vibratex Velvet Glove 2

The extremely versatile velvet glove 2 is specially designed to enhance masturbation and sexual stimulation for both men and women. With this sleeve you can sustain stronger and longer erections, enlarge your penis size for a fun full feeling, fortify your vibrators or fingers for even greater sensation, as well as enjoy mind-blowing masturbation pleasure using the velvet glove 2 as a masturbation sleeve. 샌즈카지노 is designed in the form of a soft, flexible hollow tube; with stimulating ticklers on the inside to tease and please the shaft, and ringed ridges on the outside that enhance vaginal stimulations during penetration and actual intercourse, while providing a good hold on the sleeve during masturbation, the sleeve has an open ended design; but still manages to retain some level of suction. To use the vibratex velvet glove 2, simply lubricate the inner walls to make the sleeve extra slick; and prevent abrasions during extended use; as well as enhance play, turn the masturbator sleeve inside out to lubricate the inner surface for masturbation, or both surfaces for actual sex using a water-based lubricant, the lube combined with the fleshy and cushy elastomer material will simulate the realistic sensations of a real pussy, and help you find your release in no time. After use; invert the sleeve and wash properly then air-dry and store for reuse, part of what makes the velvet glove amazing is that its design is so unlike a sex toy, which is a plus; especially where privacy and discretion are a concern. This gorgeous multiuse sleeve is made from body-safe, flexible and velvety smooth elastomer that feels just like real skin, the material is also temperature-sensitive and quickly adapts to body temperature, and if you’re a fan of sensory pleasures; you can soak it in hot or cold water for hot or cold sensations. It’s also very stretchy with an insertion diameter of 0.5 inches, and a length of 4.5 inches. Get your gloves on for the ultimate sexual experience.