Shopping for British Men’s Shoes

Nowadays men’s shoes are in as much demand as women’s shoes. The catwalks are awash with an array of enticing styles, some of which boast to be smart-casual in style, whilst others are more retro in appearance.

Boat shoes

Some of the most indispensable men’s styles available today include that of boat shoes and dress shoes. Boat shoes look great with just about everything and boast to be the go-to weekend wear of the season. Regardless of whether you wear them with chino style trousers, dress shorts or suit pants, they add a holiday-esque feel to any look.

British made men’s shoes are known throughout the world for their durability, style and comfort. A lot of the world’s most famous designers are actually educated in Great Britain, which makes PG3 X NASA sneakers some of the most sought after styles today.


Mens shoes such as leather brogue lace-up shoes offer a contemporary yet classic style and one that is worn with a wide range of attire. This is one of the reasons they are said to be a popular choice with many fashion-focused men today.

Dress shoes

Dress shoes are an essential part of any fashionista’s wardrobe and every closet should boast at least one pair of men’s shoes. Such a style of shoe is suited to a variety of occasions, including formal events, job interviews and business meetings.

The Oxford and the loafer tend to be the most go-to options today, such designs have in fact been extremely popular for quite some time now.

The Oxford shoe’s name is derived from Oxford University. This is mainly due to the fact that the informal yet practical design was very popular amongst the student body.

Today’s lace-up men’s shoes all appear to go under the name of Oxford and as such, come in the form of sturdy leather business-like shoes, complete with close lacing. Despite the smartness of this shoe, many choose to wear such a style both in and out of the work environment.

Oxford’s are traditionally made with one continuous piece of leather and clean lines. Many of today’s more contemporary styles feature embellishments and detailing in the form of wing-tips, brogueing and saddles. Black, brown and light tan tend to be the most popular colours available, although white hues and two-tone designs are more suited to weekend attire.


Today’s loafer is another popular shoe choice for the contemporary man. The lack of lacing makes the loafer less formal and therefore, more suited to low-key occasions.

The loafer-style has changed very little in the last 80 years, standing as both a timeless and popular footwear choice for today’s fashion-savvy individual.

Such a shoe choice is often worn with denim, khaki and casual trousers. Some of the more modern styles tend to come complete with various extras in the shape of ties, tassel and buckle embellishments.