This is often t be considered to be luxury bathroom item, freestanding bathroom vanity unit is nevertheless highly affordable and will bring style and sophistication to your bathing space.

A freestanding vanity unit or washstand should in fact be fixed either to the floor or the wall to prevent any movement through accidental knocks. If you have a small bathroom, freestanding vanity unit could be the right choice for your bathroom. Offering a large space, the essential flexibility of freestanding items means that they can be picked for their size and shape and fitted into your bathroom to make the bathroom suit your requirements.

A small freestanding vanity unit, for example, can be found in widths of only 450-500mm across, to suit a petite countertop basin. As for storage units, slim, tall cabinets will take up to minimal floor space and offer generous storage space in return. The style of storage is up to you. Units might typically combine open shelving with the cupboards or drawers while open shelving is very handy for decorative or daily use items, concealed storage might be the thing for the bulk of the bathroom clutter.

You should think of the depth too, especially if you bathroom is narrow. At less than 400mm deep, a compact washstand can be an admirable space saving item. Keep your bathroom vanity as slim as possible to allow freedom of movement around a small or narrow bathroom. if the floor space is short and wish to make the room appear larger, buy freestanding units on legs, which allow sight of some of the floor on which they’re standing, give the illusion of larger floor area that is possible with units where sides come right down to the ground.

And also for the comfort and ease of use, consider the height of your freestanding vanity unit.