Factors that slow down shipping services


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One of the significant challenges faced in the freight delivery industry is delivery delays. Even though every logistics company has put in place measures to ensure that products are delivered to their destinations on schedule, there are some factors that still slow down the shipping process. Some of the common causes of late freight delivery include:

  1. Rolled shipments

There are times when the freight delivery company rolls over deliveries that were supposed to be made on a given date to a later one. This is a typical case when there is a high demand for carrier services has no enough capacity to deliver the cargo as expected. If you do not want to experience such delays, always ensure that you work with a freight delivery company that has enough capacity to handle high customer demand.

  1. Weather conditions

The weather condition of a place is one of the factors that man has no control over. Unluckily, extreme weather conditions can significantly slow down the transportation of goods from one location to another. Heavy rains can make the roads impassable by felling trees found on the roadside.

  1. Poor amenities

If you decide to use road transport to deliver your cargo, one of the factors that can affect the shipping service is the condition of the road network. Poor roads are hard to maneuver, and trucks spend more time on the road than they should in the end.

  1. Package redirection

Late delivery of cargo can occur when you decide to change the address of delivery after the shipment has been confirmed. For the cargo to be redirected to the new address, it will take more time. Some people assume that providing a new address that’s close to the initial one will have no effect on the delivery time, which is not true. Regardless of the distance between the two addresses, the delivery time has to change since the new information has to be edited in the shipping company’s system and then processed.