Detect a Fake Tempered Glass Screen Protector in 4 WAYS

Every user of Smartphone these days are looking for Tempered glass screen protector to ensure that their phones are safe from scratches and damages.  Tempered glass screen protector making industry is booming now and every maker is claiming that they are producing the best tempered glass screen protector in the world. But there are cons too in the market who try to fool people with their faulty products which sometimes appears same as tempered glass screen protector.

Quality is a factor for this type of product, especially when its main aim to protect the screen of your Smartphone. But we often wonder how many of you really know about tempered glass screen protector? How many of you really think you need a tempered glass screen protector? Why tempered glass screen protector from China is in high on demand?  How you can identify the fake and the good one?

Commonly, tempered glass screen protectors are mostly simpler to place on gadgets like a phone than plastic screen protectors.

Let’s start with the basics
a) Tempered glass screen protector is a helping accessories with which you can protect your Smartphones.
b) Tempered glass screen protectors are far better than plastic screen protector

  1. c) Tempered glass screen protector makes your Smartphone’s screen tougher, harder, and heat resistant (than the regular plastic ones) and guard against scratches and dents.

You can use tempered glass screen protector to any Android smartphones or IPhones (iphone5, iphone6, iphone6s, iphone7 etc) as it help to safeguard your expensive gadget from any damage.

In this article, we are trying to help you with four different ways to determine the fake tempered glass screen protector from the real high-quality ones.


Thickness is the key here. Tempered glass screen protector is far thicker than ordinary plastic screen protector. Tempered glass screen protector has the ability to endure scratches from objects such as, coins, scissors, blades, keys and other hard objects. Plastic screen protectors don’t have that much endurance and cannot hold on to tougher scratches on a daily basis.

Any high-quality tempered glass screen protector protects the glass screen of your Smartphone even if they draw evident scratches on the top of it.


When we are talking about smoothness of tempered glass screen protector we are actually talking about the ease of moving your finger over your Smartphone’s screen. High-quality tempered glass screen protector never gives you the lags or hard to get the response feel. Everything will be smooth and same as the original glass screen of your Smartphone. In some cases, it offers far better smoothness than your original glass screen.

If it is a low-quality or fake ones then you will find that the smooth sensitivity of the touch is missing and replaced with rough, slow and bumpy feelings.


When we are asking you to take a closer look that means we are telling you to spot the differences between a fake ones and a high-quality tempered glass screen protector.  Tempered glass screen protectors which are having high-quality are flawless in their designs, detailed cutting, perfectly edge-to-edge size match as per the handset model and cover the entire surface of the glass screen of your Smartphones.

On the flip side the cheap and fake tempered glass screen protectors you will find loads of disparities in every section and they are not good fit as per your Smartphone models. Either it will come big or it will be shorter than the screen glass size.

Moreover, high-quality tempered glass screen protectors always use good quality adhesive or glues to make the entire installation task easier so that no dirt or dust can enter during the time of installation.


To test and decide the quality of the tempered glass whether it is fake or real you can do a water drop test. If you let few drops of water on the top of your tempered glass screen protector, it will glide smoothly over it without breaking apart. You must also know that real tempered glass screen protector has features like anti-fingerprint and anti-oil. It means, if you leave any finger print on the screen it can be wiped or removed really easily leaving no trace behind.

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