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The essence of the aluminum composite advertising boardis also an aluminum-plastic board. The aluminum-plastic board is a three-layer
composite board with plastic as the core material and aluminum on both sides,
and the surface of the product is covered with a decorative and protective

Aluminum-plasticpanels can be classified into the following three categories according to their

1.Aluminum composite panel for building curtain wall:

2.Aluminum-plastic panels for exterior wall decoration and advertising board:

3. Indooraluminum composite panel:

Today,we focus on the aluminum-plastic panels for advertising. What are the
requirements for the specifications of aluminum-plastic panels for advertising?

The totalthickness of the aluminum-plastic composite panel for advertising is not less
than 4 mm, and the upper and lower aluminum panels are made of rust-proof
aluminum having a thickness of not less than 0.2 mm. The coating is typically a
fluorocarbon coating or a polyester coating.

What arethe characteristics of aluminum composite sign board?

(1) Durable

We all know that sign boards arebasically placed outside, sometimes in some iconic places, there will also be
at the door of the store, this is for better publicity and promotion. However,
from the production of billboards, it is necessary to select a material with
strong performance, so that after weathering, it will still maintain good
performance. Aluminum-plastic composite panel is a durable material, so after
the billboard, it looks very good, especially in the design of the billboard,
it will always let you know that its durability is very strong. The
characteristics of the advantages in quality have been achieved.

(2)Good publicity effect

No matter which merchant chooses the signboard material, they aim to achieve better publicity. Therefore, after the
development of aluminum-plastic composite panels, it has been widely promoted
in the field of advertising production, so that more advertising companies know
the performance of aluminum composite material, and a large number of acp
panels are used.

(3)Exquisite and beautiful

Ofcourse, there are many types of billboards used in the market. Compared with
other advertising board materials, the aluminum-plastic panel advertising board
is more beautiful and decorative. It is a kind of billboard design worthy of
choice. It has improved the multi-element effect in design, and has more
features and effects in the design of advertisements, and has entered the
competition of modern market.

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