3 Great Ways to Boost Your Response Rates in 2020

From a recent survey by RSM, a sovereign full service urgency shows that a greater percentage of market research experts are more worried about the decreasing response rates and getting the best representatives in seeing the whole process going to the right direction.

The worries are everywhere in the consumer and business to business and shows the critical finding from the most current wave of the market research survey. It is practical to see that these complains does not come only from the research industry but also from the end users of the research and clients as well.

And definitely, the findings doesn’t come out from nowhere because the researchers have discovered from a long time that is constantly getting hard to recruit individuals for telephone based market surveys. And considerably, other market research have not arrived to certain results but at least not to same extent.

In simple way, every individual needs a trusted recruiter who have expertise to dig into the market and get reasonable jobs available to make your applications stand a chance. RSM Recruitment (Thailand) is a right way to go!

Let’s look at ways you can eliminate your worries and boost your response rates.

Generally, there is not a definite solution to this problem, but there are hacks that can be done to specific panel stuff to boost the chance of getting a warming response rate.

  • It is a great idea to target the respondents wisely because people are likely to give feedback when they see a significance to their own lifestyle.
  • Manage the frequency of the contact with a potential respondent with a best sample resting period so they don’t get over used or underused.
  • Many of the industry is trending to the online market research, which gives respondents a greater chance to select when they finish a survey and doesn’t possibly put them under pressure as what was with the direct phone calls.